Done For You Tech Buildout Services

As of 2021 we now offer tech services for clients who opt for this service.

We build out funnels, set up email marketing systems, load campaigns, load courses onto training platforms.

We also offer tech maintenance which looks like:

Loading email content to email marketing system on a monthly basis.

This is handled by our operations and project management team.

What’s included in tech buildout services:

  • Set up 3 lead magnets and opt in pages (to test) in client tech
  • Set up consultation and application page in client tech
  • Calendar system (ex. Acuity)
  • Set up sales page in client tech
  • Email marketing to send marketing emails (first set of emails only. Up to 30 emails)
  • Proofread all emails, page content and lead magnets
  • Set up, test and final proofread and QA (quality assurance)
  • Weekly updates from the team
  • Set up order form to product delivery
  • Webinar set up with email marketing system (we recommend webinarjam/everwebinar for automations)
  • Tags in email marketing systems (i.e. someone clicked on sales page)

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: As a member of one of our programs, you have full permission to use our proprietary systems for your own business. You do not have permission to copy, distribute, teach or sell them as part of your own programs, including services geared at the implementation of our systems. If you want approval to use any of our intellectual property in any way, please email with "IP" in the subject line with an explanation of what you want to use and how. We will review each request and respond to you in writing.
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