Bonus: Closing Corporate Deals Trainings ($2000 Value)

Through Persuade to Profit, many students have created programs that they can not only sell to consumers, but also to businesses, corporations and institutions. This takes a few tweaks in the programming and added elements to the sales process which many of you have been asking questions about.

That’s why we’ve partnered up with LaDawn Townsend of VOS Group to teach you more about B2B sales. LaDawn has closed clients like Bvlgari and Bank of America and knows exactly how the corporate buyer thinks.

Note: We suggest you DO NOT skip to this training. Please go through Persuade to Profit first so you have the required foundation for these programs.

Let’s jump into your corporate sales training!

Here are the bonus trainings you are getting:

Training 1: Creating Online Courses for the Corporate Buyer

$319 billion is the latest valuation for the global online learning industry. 

The users in this space are not only consumers, but more organizations are also moving to an online learning model and are looking for experts in this space to outsource training to and to purchase from.

Are you positioned to take your portion of the market share?

In this quick study 75-minute workshop you will learn

-The state of the industry. Projected global valuation for online learning

-Understanding the purchasing process for corporate buyers 

-Creating your program for the corporate buyer

-Pricing your program and volume discounts for the corporate buyer

-Watch items & risks: Selecting technology tools 

You will also receive access to the Bonus Resource Library:

-Shopping cart setup & integration to 3rd party Learning Management Systems 

-Marketing your online course  

Training 2: Closing Corporate Deals Mastery Workshop

Do you need to close more corporate deals? 

The Closing Corporate Deals Mastery program takes you behind the scenes of a workshop taught by Revenue Growth Strategist LaDawn Townsend taught to a live audience on how to close more corporate contracts. 

In this 75-minute workshop you will learn

· Creating the Direction Forward for Your Business 

· Understanding the Corporate Buyer

· LinkedIn Prospecting for Corporate

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Note: Amanda Abella LLC does NOT handle support for this bonus. For any support issues with corporate training reach out VOS Group directly here.

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